Building Your Brand Identity: How to Develop a Consistent Look and Feel

enero 2023 . By admin
Building Your Brand Identity: How to Develop a Consistent Look and Feel

esign influences every aspect of our lives. How we think about and craft our world can make the journey comfortable or more difficult. At Manoverboard, we work with forward-thinking organizations to make a difference. Whether you are advancing your branding, your website, or both, we will help you amplify the impact of everything you do.

Using future-forward design approaches and technologies, we will ensure that your site is visible, accessible, and treads lightly on the environment. When paired with a rethink of your visual identity and communications strategy, your organization will achieve whatever sea change it sets out to. Grab some inspiration from a few of our clients below.


The Jamstack architecture is the opposite of an “all-in-one” approach. Instead of asking one service/tool to take care of everything from managing copy to ecommerce, Jamstack allows developers to appoint expertly designed services for each job and enables them to work together.

The community of developers using the Jamstack architecture is growing rapidly. From software, ecommerce, and retail, to informational websites, the community is using the approach in various industries for audiences into the millions.

Example: Throughout this article, let’s use the fictional retail company Best Fair Trade Coffee to illustrate how Jamstack would work to build its website. The site has an ecommerce component where it sells its products online, a blog about coffee, and a way to sign up for weekly news about specials and new coffee varieties.

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